The Oyster Bar




Restaurant and Bar


Paradise, California

The Oyster Bar is a local restaurant and bar in Paradise, California.



Rico owns The Oyster Bar. It used to be a 'respectable' surf bar but because of the economy, Rico had to turn it into a restaurant. The Oyster Bar is a restaurant, bar, and has an open mike. It is one of the meet up spots for Melanie, Boo, Sasha, and Ginny.


While it may be a popular spot in Paradise, the food gets mixed reivews. Boo has warned her friends on occasion about the food, like the lobster in What's Your Damage, Heather? Melanie got very ill after eating some of the food the previous day. It was the main location for the fundraiser Michelle orgnized for Paradise Dance Academy.


Rico is the owner with his wife Nina. they hate the long days they have to work there and the many meals they must serve to make ends meet. Jeff Tobey works as a waiter, but when training Boo Jordan he calls himsef the junior manager and claims he was promoted. Godot works at the bar and serves drinks while Boo and Tyler serve customers. The uniform for The Oyster Bar is a simple blue T-shirt with jeans. In A Nutcracker in Paradise, Tyler wears a formal white shirt, black pants, and a black bow tie although this may just be because it was a special fundraiser for Paradise Dance Academy. While the food gets mixed reviews, the customer service seems very good.


  • outside of the Oyster bar