Early 20s - Mid 30s




Michelle Simms




Rick (Boyfriend)

First Appearance


Played by

Angelina McCoy

Talia is a Las Vegas showgirl and close friend of Michelle.


She is the only friend that can get away with telling Michelle how bad her luck is with guys. Talia continues to work as a Las Vegas showgirl but tries to keep in touch with Michelle. She currently lives in Vegas with her boyfriend.

Season 1Edit

Talia works closely with Michelle while she is a Vegas showgirl. She tries to convince Michelle how sweet Hubbell is but Michelle dosen't listen most of the time. She calls up Michelle later to learn how Hubbell died and mentions that she has terrible luck with guys. She comes up later to celebrate Michelle's birthday with her. She finds all the clothes in Sparkles facinating and cute. She also gets Michelle to bring Truly with them and has a heart to heart talk with her the next morning.

Talia lets Michelle room with her after what happened in Paradise but she also has a new boyfriend, Rick,. They try to set up Michelle with one of his friends and then again later when she return to Paradise.

Talia returns to Paradise with new news, she's getting married! Talia struggled with the decision but ended up saying yes. Later she tells Michelle she got an offer to be in Rock of Ages, which means she will not only have to go to New York, but she will also have to go on the tour. Michelle urges her to take the offer but Talia knows Rick doesn't want her to New York or on tour