Michelle & Godot

Air Date

February 25, 2013

Written by

Amy Sherman Palladino

Directed By

Amy Sherman Palladino

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Next is the 18th episode of Bunheads Season 1. It aired on February 25, 2013 and will be the season finale.


Michelle heads to a broadway audition while Fanny and Scotty return. Sasha wants the girls to take the bunheads' relationships with their boyfriends (meaning Boo and herself) to the next level.


Fanny returns to Paradise from her trip abroad. She comes to a startling surprise when she catches Michelle and Godto together in bed and Scotty, Michelle's brother, has returned to Paradise. Fanny finds use for Scotty, giving him many jobs around thier property to do. Michelle is preparing for an open-call audition for an adaptation of the movie Dark Victory. Michelle arrives and survives the first cut while Ginny, Melanie, Sasha, and Boo sneak around. Michelle then starts her singing audition. She sings "If My Friends Could See Me Now" but fails. The Pianist informs her that the producers already hired the usual dancers they use and they had to do the audition becuase it was union-mandated.

Truly has been destrought over the loss of Sparkles but Fanny convinced Milly into helping her. Milly gives Truly a building recently abanonded to start up Sparkles for free. Tehy begin to recover but both end up hitting on Scotty, who came by just to drop off a package from Fanny to Milly.

Ginny, Sasha, Melanie, and Boo talk about Boo and Sasha's relationships with Roman and Carl. Sasha said she thought about having sex with Roman just to keep his attantion and tried to convince Boo to do the dirty deed. After reading a self-help book, all the girls become insecure. They want to talk with Michelle but end up following her to her audition. After the audition, Fanny lectures her class about the body after Michelle confided in her about the girls wanting to talk to her. Michelle gets fresh air and Ginny follows her with a confession, she had sex with Frankie and he hasn't talked to her since. Michelle comforts her over the matter.

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