Nanette Jordan




Boo Jordan
Unnamed son


Michelle Simms

First Appearance

Inherit the Wind

Played by

Jennifer Hasty

Nanette Jordan is a citizen of Paradise and Boo Jordan's Mother.


Nanette is shown as a caring and kind mother to her daughter Boo. She first appears picking up Boo after a bad day at Paradise Dance Academy. Later, she and Boo are shopping in the farmer's market. while she aims for some delicible treats, Boo aims for several healthy veggies.

Nanette expressed her worry for Boo's passion for the Joffrey auditions and her confidence. She brings up the last time when Boo didn't get in and they ate an entire "Better Luck Next Year" together. Later she buys the cake gain in advance, but Boo discovers it which hurts her confidence until Sasha buys her new toe shoes.

Nanette becomes quick buddies with Michelle after she gives her "air fries" she got for Boo, but they weren't on Boo's diet so she kindly refused offer. However Nanette rushes out quickly as not only was she late but forgot her son.

Later, she showed up happily on time but then Claire Thompson rushed in and started yelling at Michelle. She gives Michelle grape juice and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and tells her how much she has changed Boo for the better, comforting her.

Nanette later becomes pregnant and is put on bedrest. At first she is excited, but then she gets very bored of being on bedrest and soon loses it. She is very much welcoming to Carl and continued to unknowingly embarass Boo during his visit.