Money for Nothing

Air Date

July 16, 2012

Written By

Amy Welsh

Directed By

Elodie Keene

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Money for Nothing is the 5th episode of Season 1 of Bunheads. It aired on July 16, 2012.


Michelle wakes up with a possom in her bed. Panicked, she calls Fanny, who tells her to just hit it on the head and hangs up. Michelle walks in as Truly and Fanny are organzing Fanny's bills for her paying season. They pick who will or will not get paid. Boo is starting a new job at the Oyster Bar, one of the parts of her job is the 'dumpster jump' where she is supposed to jump on the trash until the dumpster cover can close. Ginny, Melanie, and Sasha all visit her and notice Godot, a surfer who just came back from Costa Rica.

Michelle gets irritated when Fanny's paying system begins to effect her. She tries to get an accountant for them and learns from him that only nine of Fanny's students are paying. Michelle confronts her on it and Fanny refuses to charge them. Michelle suggests they add more classes but Fanny is exsuasted already from teaching thirty classes a week and suggests Michelle join her in teaching, but Michelle insists she doesn't teach.

The girls all hang out at the Oyster Bar, all dressed up for Godot. Michelle gives them her tips on guys but they shoo her away. Sasha tries to get Godot to give her a drink but fails. Godot sees Boo dumpster diving and gets her out of there. Boo is given Godot's shirt, which smells like coconut snickerdoodles. In the studio, Michelle confronts everyone about paying but backfires when many threaten to pull thier kids and the paying parents want half off. Michelle scrambles to come up with excuses of why she said all that while Fanny tries to convince her to teach. Michelle manages to get all of the cast back except for two trees. They do the performance of "Paper or Plastic".

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Performance Performed by Song Artist
Paper or Plastic Paradise Dance Academy Unknown Unknown