Jeff Tobey
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First Apperance

Money for Nothing

Played by

Antony Del Rio

Jeff Tobey is a citizen of Paradise and a waiter at The Oyster Bar.


Jeff is first introduced ordering Boo and filling her in on her new job at The Oyster Bar. He tells her who she can and cannot serve, claiming he got promoted to senior manager. He even orders Boo around when she's not on the clock. He has dreams to go to Harvard and nicknames every table after another college he wants to go to, with Harvard being the biggest table. He is very bossy towards Boo, and even orders Michelle to help him. Jeff gets irratated over the summer as Melanie and her grandfather continue to visit The Oyster Bar and do nothing. 

Jeff gets irritated on "Theme Night" at the Oyster Bar when Carl goes next door and brings fries and hamburgers back to the girls table.  To appease him, the gang still offers to leave him a tip.

In the episode "It's Not A Mint," we find out Jeff shares Carl's love for Tommy Lee Jones.  He even mentions that he has a picture of Jones ranch and blew it up to 8 x 10 size and has it hanging over his bed.  While he and Carl provide entertainment to the evacuees, by performing "The Dueling Tommy Lee Jones," he tends to stare at Boo while delivering the dinner scene from "Hope Springs," and is accused by Carl to be flirting with his girlfriend.  The boys performance comes to an end when they start fighting.


  • He wants to go to Harvard.
  • He names all the tables in The Oyster Bar after a college he wants to attened.