Inherit the Wind
Season 1 Episode 3


June 25, 2012

Written by

Sarah Dunn

Directed by

Kenny Ortega

U.S. viewers (in millions)


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Inherit the Wind is the third episode of Bunheads Season 1. It originally aired on June 25, 2012.


With the reveal of Hubbell’s new will arrangements, Fanny and Michelle struggle to understand how the new ownership of the house and land affects each of them. Claire, the local realtor, pops in on Michelle, scaring her about the challenges of land ownership. Fanny sees Michelle and Claire talking and assumes that the house is being put up for sale and that she will be kicked out.

Meanwhile, Boo has a crush on Melanie’s older brother, Charlie, but Sasha embarrasses Boo in front of him and the rest of the class. The girls talk about how mean Sasha is, and as Boo defends her, Sasha reveals she’s been listening the whole time. We learn what a great relationship Boo has her with mother, in contrast to the one Sasha has with her own.

Michelle takes Hubbell’s car for a drive, but it breaks down on a private road. In order for her to get permission to have the car towed, Michelle meets the mysterious man at the end of the private road. She realizes that Paradise is where she’s going to stay for the time being. But she needs to make one adjustment: While Fanny will stay in the main house, Michelle is moving to the guest house.

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