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Michelle Simms (kissed;possible crush)

First appearance

Money for Nothing

Played by

Nathan Parsons

Godot lives in Paradise, California and works at the Oyster Bar. He is played by Nathan Parsons.


Godot is a very laid back guy. He is a surfer and has traveled to Costa Rica. He works at the Oyster Bar as a bartender and seems to like Michelle. He has a Masters in oceanography and is going for a Ph.d.

Season 1Edit

Godot debuts in 'Money for Nothing ' when the girls learn he has returned from Costa Rica. He is the object of every girl's affections, and they all dress up to try to impress him. Sasha tries to flirt with him but fails to catch his attention. Godot meets Boo when she is doing her 'Dumpster Diving' that she was ordered to do by the junior manager; however, Godot tells her there is no junior manager. When he sees her shirt is dirty, Godot gives Boo his own shirt. They bond as friends and he gives Boo a CD of surfer music, which leads the rest of the girls to believe there is something more between Boo and Godot. However, Godot begins to seemingly crush on Michelle after he helps her schedule a meeting to save the opening of a supermarket just so she can get a cup of coffee. She shoots him down due to their age difference but he pursues. Michelle received an instant coffee maker, but it is unknown if Godot or Sebastian got it for her. Godot tells Michelle he is heading to Australia and gets to kiss her at the fundraiser for Paradise Dance Academy .




Michelle and Godot kiss.

Godot has shown no interest in any of the teenage girls who attempted to flirt with him but he showed intrest in Michelle. He helped her organize the meeting and clean up as well. He flirted with her as well and possibly got her the coffee machine, as one of the very few people who knew of Michelle's coffee trouble and cared. They shared a kiss in "A Nutcracker in Paradise " after Godot revealed he was heading to Australia.