For Fanny
Season 1 Episode 2


June 18, 2012

Written by

Amy Sherman-Palladino

Directed by

Amy Sherman-Palladino

U.S. viewers (in millions)


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For Fanny is the 2nd episode of Bunheads Season 1. It originally aired on June 18, 2012.


Following the reveal of Hubbell’s sudden death, Michelle and Fanny are back at the house. They both remain in a catatonic state for the first night. Meanwhile, after Sasha, Melanie, Ginny, and Boo find out about Hubbell’s accident, they “grieve” by skipping school and watching a movie. Boo is especially upset with how the girls handle the situation, criticizing their lack of sympathy the entire time.

Back at the house, Fanny becomes obsessed with organizing the perfect memorial for her son: a tent to hold the entire town, Buddhist memorial traditions, a mariachi band and cocktail napkins with the face of the Dalai Lama, to name a few. Later, Fanny comforts Truly as she breaks down --talking about their "true love" in front of Michelle. Feeling completely lost, Michelle takes a long walk around town then confronts Fanny about being included in the grieving process. Hubbell was her husband after all.

Later, nothing seems to be going like Fanny wants for the memorial service. So at the dance studio, Michelle teaches the girls and the rest of the class a dance to perform for Fanny in honor of Hubbell. Fanny is touched. But just when it looks like Michelle and Fanny are making progress, they learn that before his death, Hubbell changed his will. Everything that Hubbell owned, is now Michelle’s.

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Performance Performed by Song Artist
Hubbell's Tribute Paradise Dance Academy Pictures in A Frame Tom Waits



  • In the previous episode, Melanie said that the movie theater closed down. However in this episode they went to go see a movie. It hasn't been specified if any of the girls can drive but Sasha mentioned in this episode that she wanted a car.