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First Appearance

Channing Tatum Is a Fine Actor

Played by

Jeanine Mason

Cozette is a new resident of Paradise and a new student of Paradise High School and Paradise Dance Academy


Cozette seems to be perfect in every way and quickly becomes very popular, which doesn't rub well with Sasha. She and her brother become the most popular kids in school. She constantly changes her outfit at school and shows her skills. Cozette joins the Paradise Dance Academy and charms Matisse and Fanny.

Cozette and her brother work the music for the Derby Dolls roller derby team. Cozette was the one who not only scouted Melanie, but also gave her new nickname to her "CleoSMACKtra" but this caused her to be blamed for all the problems between Ginny and Melanie.

Sasha un-invites Cozette from her houswarming but offers to take her to coffee. Cozette gives Ginny some advice on her buding relationship with Frankie but Ginny meanly rejects it. Cozette gets irratated and warns Ginny that their family is close which means she needs to get on her good side in order to get to Frankie.


  • She is multi-lingual, apart from English, she speaks fluent Spanish, French, Japanese, Latin, sign language, and (according to Mel) is rumored to also speak fluent Urdu . Her lingual skills are so refined to the point where the Bunheads believe she almost looked like a native speaker of the aforementioned languages while speaking them respectively.
  • She may be named after the French character in the Broadway classic Les Misérables, based off of the French book by Victor Hugo. The "Z" replacing the traditional "S" in the name, may be a factor of being born in the 1990s.
  • She is the third character played by a contestant of "So You think You Can Dance", the first being Jordan and Ricky Jaime's unnamed character.