Charlie Segal






Melanie's personal driver


Ginny Thompson (dated) almost kissed


Melanie Segal

First Appearance

Inherit the Wind

Played by

Zak Henri

Charlie Segal is the older brother of Melanie Segal.


Charlie is stuck being Melanie's personal driver after his parents found him with beer. He is forced to drop all of his plans in order to take Melanie to and from ballet class. He does help her sometimes, an example is when he got Melanie, Ginny, Sasha, and Boo all tickets to the movie truck to see an R-rated movie. He likes to flirt with a lot of the other girls. Boo first falls for him, but he's only interested in Ginny. When Boo sees this, she's angry with Michelle. Ginny considers dating Charlie and even begins to plan their future together until she spots him in his car with another girl. Boo, Ginny and Melanie all are furious with him.

Melanie plants pizza spices in his bedroom (that look like drugs) to frame him so his parents would force him to continue to chauffeur her and her friends around. While he was dating this new girl, Charlie was very sweet and charming to her. However one day, she suddenly broke up with him, which damped his mood. When Melanie found out he was genuinely in love with her, she shows the girl vengeful violent tendencies.


  • He is forced to drive Melanie anywhere she wants.
  • His best friend is Dez.
  • He has a collage of women's bare breasts on his bedroom wall.
  • He's kind to Melanie's friends, although he and his sister are at the worst of odds with each other all the time.
  • He was planning on having his latest girlfriend's name tattooed into his arm.