Carl Cramer
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Student Dancer


Boo Jordan (girlfriend)

First Appearance

Blank Up, It's Time

Played by

Casey J. Adler

Carl Cramer is a dancer at Paradise Dance Academy and the love interest of Boo Jordan


Carl is Jordan's replacement for the Fred and Ginger routine after he dropped out. He seems to have an interest in Boo, even calling her by her real name Bettina. Carl assists her at work, cleaning up tables and serving water to customers. He is very passionate about the new role and working with Boo. He tries to invite Boo over for dinner and a movie, but Ginny and Melanie get in his face and reject his request. In the next episode, he gives Boo the cold shoulder from what her friends said. Michelle calls a meeting which Boo attends but Carl signals her over. They meet up and Boo confesses her feelings for Carl. Boo and Carl kiss in the dressing room. However, he storms off after learning Boo still has feelings for Charlie. At the fundraiser party for the Nutcracker, Boo makes a very public apology speech, which Carl accepts, and the two perform their dance together.

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Boo JordanEdit

Boo and Carl were assigned to the Astiare-Rogers dance after Sasha was kicked off from it and Jordan dropped

Boo and Carl sharing thier Astair-Rogers dance

out. Carl was very much interested in Boo. He even helped Boo at work to get a chance to talk to her. However his attitude towards Boo changes after Melanie and Ginny shoot him down after he offers Boo a chance to come over for a movie and dinner. He is hurt that Boo didn't even try to stop them. He begins to act more cold towards Boo and even thinks to quit dance. Boo confesses to him and they share a short-lived kiss but then Boo reveals her feelings for Charlie when she was arguing with Ginny and Melanie. Carl avoids Boo until she apologizes at the fundraiser and they share their Astiare-Rogers dance.


  • He claims he can imitate Stewie Griffen.
  • Ginny and Melanie constantly pick on his short height.
  • When Carl really tries to build a relationship with Boo (making a big romantic meal and studying the Astaire-Rogers films), Melanie and Jordan scream at him, "She's your dance partner, not your girlfriend!" Afterwards, they are overly facetiously flattering to him.